The first thing you should know, is that the beginning of every session, I am filled with nervous butterflies, just like you! And by the end, I look a hot mess, with raccoon eyes and everything. I’m always in search of a mascara that is “Photographer Jamie” proof, haha.

Another thing is that photographing you and seeing you go through a sort of transformation in front of me is what fuels my drive. I freaking love it when I see my clients go from a little apprehensive to feeling confident and gorgeous or in the case of little ones, truly opening up and feeling comfortable.

And I know this sounds a little generic BUT my goal is to make you feel as special as I can throughout our whole experience because without you, I don’t have a business – I 100% value all my clients. I LOVE YOU. I mean that. 

Also, I’d like to let you know that I am going to take the absolute best portraits of you and your loved ones you’ve ever seen. I feel you, that is a high and mighty thing to put out there, however, there is no one in Southwest Florida who takes portraits like I do style wise (and shout out to all the amazingly talented artists here!) My style is unique – It’s timeless, fun, real, feminine, and glowy. I shoot so that your images radiate every beautiful detail about you!

DISCLIAMER: I’d like to think I’m some graceful mover, but in reality, I’m the bull in that china shop. I’m sure to be clumsy at least once during our session, but don’t worry, it’s ok to laugh. (LOL)